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The Ring Tone Project: Well Tuned Diplomacy

There are some very scary things happening around the world. The prospects for war in places like Syria and The South China Sea have never been higher. And don’t get me started on home grown terrorism right here in ‘Merica. But unless your name is Trump, Ping or Putin there isn’t much you can do about it. But here is some good news. There is a space where you rein and you alone are in total control. Your work desk. But as Glenn O'Brien points out in ‘How to be a man’, the barbarians are at the gate! Maybe referring to your desk mates as barbarians isn’t the most diplomatic thing but hey you have to call it the way you see it. After all they are constantly encroaching on your space with towering stacks of paper waiting to attack the pristine plains of your workspace. Worst of all they seem to never be around when their mobile phone rings. Is this a coordinated attack designed to be some sort of onslaught on your ears? I know you’re at your wits end, but instead of engaging in something that will land you in a human resource mediation, try a little soft power. Nations do it all the time. The US “gives” Aid to countries in exchange for seeing things its way. So I propose you too can offer a little tribute to that colleague of yours and we have the perfect thing. Like most soft power it should be something that benefits you both, but mainly you. Offer them their pick of a well-tuned ringtone. Free to download in this feature, the Steward Mag tones offer you and your work friends a little peace. There nothing we can do about the stacks of paperwork and manila folders they’re amassing on your borders. But I hope the Nujabes inspired, dusty, jazzy, hip-hop vibes will go a long way to smoothing over years of hurt feelings. Listen below. Share. Enjoy the peace.

(Call me mp4) 5sec

(Get Some Rest) 5sec

(Non, je ne regretted rien) 5 sec

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